PLAY Room will be installed as part of my MFA thesis in April/May.
The image above is a WIP Sketch Collage.​​​​​​​
Materials for this installation include:
- Mirror
- Rug
- Painted Walls
- Fabrics to make false ceiling and false wall (think: cozy & theatrical)
- 2 Pillows
- Blowup Bed
- Custom Printed Comforter (Society6)
- 2000s TV
- Milk Crate
- N64 with games and 2 controllers
- Stack of Comics/Books, including Phann's (Mis)Adventures #8.
- Lava Lamp + other Lights (think: Campy, Playful, Fun)
- A handful of bottle caps
- Fancy Serving Table
- Never Ending Supply of Bananas (maybe start with 8-12 bunches?)
- A large print of Me + Bonnie
- A large Fancy Frame
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