Phann's (Mis)Adventures #8 (above) by Vincent Chorabik, cover Illustration with Elian Verela
Phann Oakwood is a non-binary, agender half-elf. 
They live in the DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) realm of fantasy. Their primary goal is to save the natural world from man-made destruction; the story includes an allegory to the BC Pipelines. Moreover, Phann is seeking love and acceptance in the world. They seem to find it in all the wrong places... but maybe Gladys Marybottom can change all of that?
Some elements of the story/series are very 18+, whereas other elements are for readers of all ages. 
These characters appear in various forms, including but not limited to: text, paintings/drawings, collages, performances, and sculptures/toys. 
Phann and Gladys say their goodbye's at the Illusk Ruins (right) is illustrated by Elaine Wang. This is a potential cover for Phann's (Mis)Adventures #10.
More #PhannArt can be found on my primary and secondary IG accounts: @vincent.chorabik @veekewt_art
Various WIP drawings of Phann's (Mis)Adventures by Vincent Chorabik (2020)
Various shop-drop mockups; will upload more documentation after Covid-19's Social Distancing is over...
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