Transition into Adulthood (Flesh and Organs) (2017)
Plush Lamb Torn in Two
12.5 x 20 x 10

Excerpt from Personal Journal:
            July 2 / 2017 (12:44am)
            Today Little Dipper died.
            I killed him.
            I tried to cut him apart with kitchen scissors.
            They couldn’t tear him apart.
            I found a large butcher knife with a jagged tip.
            It tore through his soft flesh with ease.
            I was enveloped in darkness and the soft, fluffy cotton that formed his shape.
            I beheaded him.
            I cried into the night as the lights were turned on and I was confronted with what I had done and who I had become.
          But dipper needed to die tonight. I needed to become a man, not a boy trapped in his own fleshy prison.

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