Solo Exhibition at The JAM Studios (648 Kingsway)
July, 2022
Acrylic and Glitter on Canvas
36 x 48 Inches
Acrylic on Fabric
10 x 7.5 Feet
Mother's Milk, 2022
Acrylic on Canvas
18 x 24 Inch
"What is Love?" Installation Shot ft. "Pillow Talk" 2022
Madonna and Child, 2022
Acrylic on Canvas
 18 x 24 Inches
"What is Love?" Installation Shot ft. "Daily Drawings" 2022
"What Is Love?" Installation Shot ft. "Lyrics Lost in a Melody" 2022
Acrylic on Canvas
18 x 24 Inch
"What is Love?" Installation shots ft. "Butterflies" 2022
The Night I Knew (Two Toothbrushes), 2022
Acrylic on Canvas
18 x 24 Inches
What is love?
Love is reaching out to loved ones. Love is asking for space when you need it. Love is giving space. Love is sharing what you can and asking for what you need.
Love is going on a cute date to your favourite movie/show/event and letting you be hyperactive about it.
Love is being told "You're not a burden in any way shape or form."
Love is calling your mom and laughing your way out of depersonalization.
Love is bitching about life to your brother over the phone as a birthday check-in.
Love is playing Frisbee with your dad and loved ones.
Love is buying your friend's art.
Love is accepting who you are. Love is accepting those around you. Love is trying your best. Love is understanding that nobody is perfect.
Love is a million different things, it's almost undefinable, but it's undeniable that it's magic in the universe.
Xoxo Vee
Discorder Magazine, Sophia Ohler, 2022
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