Snapshots from the Subconscious (2017)
Ink on Paper: Printed
(8 x 11.5) 3
$150 CAD for 3 Original Prints, Framed

This triptych was considered the “most influential artwork” at Langara’s 2017 Grad Show by Stephanie Aitken. It is three images taken from my journal, scanned, printed, and framed. Many people talked about its raw, honest form. Some found it disgusting and painful.
From Left To Right:
what makes a good artist?
bird eats worm eats bird
rape is on a spectrum
Here I placed my anxieties and painful memories on display; the struggles of being an artist, the struggles of depression and the fear of death, the pain and growth forced upon me by a rape experience when I was 18 years old. It is really hard to be vulnerable sometimes, but I think honesty and vulnerability are integral to growth. Our personal histories shape us and it is important to understand that, especially when they are memories that are hard to confront.

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