People seem to hate what Duchamp did to Art History, but why does he appeal to me so much?
He cut through all the bullshit and was an honest man. He was honest to art and contemporary modern society.
Letter to Gallery for Submission:
Hello ArtRich2017,
I just submitted a piece for the art show and I noticed there was no place to describe the piece with a title or list of materials. Seeing as I think those are important pieces while considering my piece, I was hoping to send them your way with the images. 

Vincent Chorabik
Celebrating Canada (Oct 5, 2017)
Medium Double Double Purchased for a Toonie
10oz Cup

I also wanted the chance to explain why I believe this piece is considered art and shouldn't be disqualified under your criteria for adjunction. I acknowledge that this is ready-made, but it holds with it more than its mechanical production. It is an object in a modern Canadian tradition. It is a symbol of our country and unifies people of all races. The lips of a Caucasian man and a Metis woman touched this cup and the financial exchange was done between an Asian and European man.

It is more than just the cup. It is the symbol it holds of Canadian economy and social foundation. Moreover, it partakes in a linguistic system of communication specific to Canada. The buyer (and artist) used terms like "double double" and "toonie" while partaking in commerce, or trade. This lingo speaks to the specific culture bred through the popularization of the coffee chain in Canada.

I believe this piece belongs in the Richmond Art Gallery because it holds such an immediate connection with Canadians universally, regardless of gender, race, or age.

Thank you for taking the time to read my explanation,
Vincent Chorabik
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