Series in Pink, White, and Grey (Work and Play) (2017)
Silk Screen on Rag Paper
37 x 37
Much like the beliefs I held while creating “Transition into Adulthood,” “Series in Pink, White, and Grey” explores ideas of identity through aging and attempting to shape one’s self into the person one desires to become. My goal is to become a mature, educated, artist. And in this process, I believe that I must destroy distractions from my life: the objects that shape my identity in a way that I find undesirable.
With this piece, I was exploring identity as well as the idea of two-dimensionality in a work of art. I placed three-dimensional objects from my bookshelf and desk, and placed them onto a flatbed scanner. In this way, I was flattening them, and creating a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional object.
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