"The Pursuit of PLAYsure," exhibited November 23 - 28th 2023 at the Slice of Life Gallery, presents a collection of seriously silly paintings and toys examining the relationship between sex, play, and art. Queerness and (dis)ability are inherent in the work that draws from the artist's real-life and imagined experiences. Humour, sexuality, anxiety, and honesty ooze from objects seeking pleasure in a painful world.​​​​​​​
Vee CR (@v.chorabik)
Touch Me (Play with Me), 2023
Fabrics on Wooden Stretcher
30 x 30 Inch
While some of the PLAYsure PAINtings are acrylic on canvas, many don't have any paint at all instead they are comprised of various tactile fabrics that entice the viewer to touch the art. Many participants asked, "are you f*cking with me," when I encouraged them to eat the bananas or touch the soft paintings. It's funny to disentangle from normative ways of engaging with art and witnessing people's disbelief in the queering of art.
Vee CR & Lily Flanjak
Love is a Process, 2023
Acrylic on Canvas
3 x 4 feet

How did we make the painting:

We painted this together at the same time while observing a still life of a bouquet of flowers over the span of a few days. We wanted to paint the flowers while they were still alive, blooming, and changing.

It was interesting to work together, parallel tasking, and being connected in the process of making. The decision making process was fluid and we were comfortable painting over and adding to each other's work without feeling a sense of ownership or control. We let go of our ego and went into flow with the work.

What does this painting mean to you?

When I bought this canvas, I had the intention of painting Lily. I wanted to express my love for her/them through a beautiful portrait, but then I realized I was loving AT her instead of WITH her. So, for me, the act of making a painting together felt more authentic to what love is. Love is a process of loving each other for who you are together and as individuals. I think the idea of painting flowers in the kitchen also makes sense for a romantic piece because flowers are often associated with love, but also the fact that they are in the kitchen feels incredibly personal and specific. It feels like home. It is home.

For me, it's a metaphor for the fact that love is a negotiated process. There were moments of uncertainty in the painting where a plan would need to be let go of. The painting and metaphor is also helpful for us to work through our own relationship and this idea of letting go, collaboration, and everything being a process.
In "The Pursuit of PLAYsure," I found PLAYsure through PAINting and PLAYing with love, lust, and humour.
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