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Here we will Play a little Game:

I Spy with my little eye a Powerful Lioness!
She is the Queen of Joyousness.
I also Spy a Pillow 
crafted by the hands of Leonardo...
I Spy a Lightbulb containing seams,
rings, memories, and runaway dreams.
Now I Spy a Bathroom for Boys,
containing a bucket for blood,
a request treated like white noise.
I Spy a wall blessed by the Virgin Mary,
And Satyrs oh, so very hairy.
I Spy a Dragon made of Friendship and magic;
one without the other is truly tragic.
I Spy a Poem stuck to a fridge,
its words suspended by an invisible bridge.
And finally, I Spy a Cereal Box
mirroring the Art & Consumerism Paradox.​​​​​​​

Thanks for Coming Over and Playing with me,
Let's do it again sometime soon! <3
Xoxo, Vee
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